I was not born to be a software architect. I was born to be the first astronaut to set foot on Mars. Of course, after a long and satisfying career as a locomotive fire engine driver. Perhaps with a little rock starring in between.

Ambitious goals (sometimes daydreams too) are rarely a bad thing. Especially in the world of software engineering where so many good ideas are often left undone. I had to learn that in order to achieve them it is important to structure ones actions along processes. Those can and should often be simple to work better. A lot of software companies started with little and wanted it all right now and started growing faster and faster until they get stuck because they rarely take the time to breathe and find this important structure in growth.

Software architecture can help your company to avoid this trap. To enable healthy and sustainable growth by finding a structure that suits your team in development and technology. By helping you set up a development process to avoid wasting resources. By structuring communication. By evaluating ideas, concepts and technology. And finally by giving you the time to breathe and relax and look around to see an ever changing environment.